Our Services


Full Service bath 

Includes bathing with cleansing shampoo and a complimentary blueberry facial, brush out, nail clipping and ear cleaning. This service is used for dogs with short hair not in need of a full groom, or if a dog just needs a bath in between full grooming services. If your dog has sensitive skin, allergies, or is on a vet prescribed shampoo please let us know at the appointment. 

nail clipping

A cut of the nails. Filing done upon request. 


...not one groomer can compare to the work Gina does. She is truly an artist.
— Jacquelin K.






Full service groom

Includes bathing with cleansing shampoo and a complimentary blueberry facial, brush out, nail clipping, ear cleaning and breed specific or artistically styled hair cut.  

Ear hair removal

Certain breeds require the removal of excess hair in the ear canal. A talc powder is squeezed into the ear to assist with drying the canal and makes for easy gripping to remove excess hair. This is done to allow the ear canal to breathe as air is able to more easily circulate. It is important that you consult with a vet before and after this service is done as it can cause infection if not addressed properly.  

add ons

  • Mineral salt soak

This treatment is best used for dogs with yeast build up on paws and body and for dogs experiencing pain from chronic conditions, fatigue, or aging.  It draws out toxins, enhances circulation and removes pressure from joints. 

  • mineral mud mask

This treatment alleviates chronic skin conditions with the exceptionally gentle formula that will detoxify, purify, and exfoliate. In addition to promoting healthy cell growth. 

  • Mineral paw balm

This treatment is ment to soothe and repair dry and damaged paw pads. This service includes a paw and arm message. 


We drive over 40 miles just to have our Maltese Shih Tzu mix puppy, Bailey, groomed by Gina and she does an awesome job everytime! You can tell she really cares about her clients.
— Melissa B.
Gina is amazing. Our dogs use to be stressed about going to the groomer, but now they love Gina, and they always get a lot of compliments on their cuts every time. She really does do some magic with the scissors.
— Jonathan T.